Seals for Sear Decks

I have been searching for the  881R seals for over a year and can’t find anything close. I got to measuring and the seals and came up with a idea to make a tool to make them.

It would take a pipe on the top of a ID of 1.719 (maybe slightly larger) and a pipe on the bottom at a OD at 1.631 .   Lathe would make it easier to get pipes to the right ID and OD also with a lathe top pipe could be tapered to let it stamp the the 0.013 sheet of metal instead of cutting out round discs. Also if you welded a washer at the top of the top pipe you can add a 3/4 rod tapered at the end in the center so it would also make the center hole when stamped.


Below is the measurements of the seals

ID : ¾
OD : 1.631
Thickness : 0.013
Overrall OD before bending the lip : 1.719
Lip size : 0.088
Lip Starts at 1.631
CUP ID : 2.007


I don’t have a lathe yet to try this out but maybe my idea will help someone else.

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